ZEUS Battery Products: Sensible Micro’s Newest Authorized Line

ZEUS Battery Products is excited to announce our newest authorized distributor, Sensible Micro.

As a hybrid distributor, Sensible Micro strives to continuously secure quality components and add new authorized lines. This new strategic partnership will enable Sensible to supply customers with more diverse product offerings while maintaining the utmost in quality and customer service. Features and benefits of ZEUS Battery include, but are not limited to:

Custom packs and chargers that meet today’s portable power requirements and needs
Battery solution optimization with specially designed plastic housings, interconnects and electronic circuitry (PCM) Electronic safety, monitoring and charge control, and circuitry Trust-worthy and reliant battery sources

With the help and reach of Sensible Micro, we know we will grow and expand our national reach further.

“ZEUS Battery Products is excited to partner with Sensible Micro to promote our standard, off the shelf, batteries for everyday use as well as complex designs supported by the ZEUS design team for OEM’s” says Peter Garvey, ZEUS Distribution Manager

Sensible Micro is able to distribute ZEUS Battery Products effective immediately.