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Our program management service consists of (3) core strengths which provides our customers with complete program support from start to finish.

Design Analysis:

We interface with our customers / design firms through conference calls as well as on-site appointments with Sales and Engineering teams to define the overall project scope.  ZEUS provides complete mechanical and electrical battery solutions to assure the requested objectives are met. We carefully consider and evaluate each customer’s requirements to establish the safest, most effective battery solution.

After finalizing the design, ZEUS offers the best option for our customers to select and move into the sampling stage. Each prototype is tested according to the customer’s specific criteria prior to manufacturing in volume at one of our global manufacturing sites.  


We develop custom battery pack configurations and assist with qualification batch samples for submission to independent testing agencies. ZEUS team members will aid with creating an overall product launch schedule to help our customers bring their product to market in a timely manner. All ZEUS Battery products are subject to stringent quality control processes throughout each step of production.


KanBan / Just in Time / EDI inventory and consignment programs are available to minimize customer inventory levels and buffer against fluctuations in demand.  ZEUS Battery Products consistently maintains an on-time delivery rate of more than 99%.

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