An Introduction to The Director of Sales, Herb Holmstedt

Herb Holmstedt has years of expertise as a sales executive, working tirelessly for employers and customers alike. Herb has also experienced the advantages and challenges of working with independent manufacturer representatives. He brings his insight and knowledge of the electronics industry to ZEUS where he’s identified a few objectives to help ZEUS propel its sales growth to much higher levels.

  • Listen – It all starts with the customer / market. Listen to what they want and need.
  • Analyze – Review the customer / market feedback with the strong ZEUS team to brainstorm the best solution for the customer / market.
  • Partner – Work with the customer / market to achieve the best technical solution at the best possible price.
  • Market outlook – Always know where the market is going and get ahead of it.
  • TCS – Total Customer Satisfaction – Provide the customer with an excellent experience from design to delivery. Make the ZEUS experience a great one!

Herb’s goal is to earn the trust of the ZEUS team, its sales reps, and customers so we can leverage our capabilities and realize double digit sales growth every year.

ZEUS will continue to recruit and welcome highly motivate sales reps and others to join the ZEUS team. Batteries are everywhere and everyone needs them. Please contact me through the contact page or on LinkedIn if you have interest in joining a POWER DRIVEN TEAM!