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Program Management


We interface with the customer or design agency through conference calls and on-site appointments with Sales and Engineering teams to converse about overall project scope, offering a variety of options that enhance the customer’s portable energy system.


We align our expertise for technical and functional elements of the custom battery pack solution, which includes providing assistance with rapid prototyping. We carefully consider and evaluate each customer’s requirements to establish the safest, most effective battery solution. Each prototype is tested according to the customer’s specific criteria prior to manufacturing in volume at our U.S. assembly center. If volume dictates, we utilize our manufacturing and partnerships in Asia.


We develop custom battery pack configurations and assist with samples for submission to independent testing agencies. All ZEUS Battery products are subject to stringent quality control throughout each step of the process, including drop-testing and environmental testing required to certify packs for safe shipment


Final documentation and validation occurs prior to launching program for production. We assist with agency approvals of battery packs and chargers by conducting UNDOT 38.3 testing for lithium battery designs.


KanBan / Just in Time / EDI inventory and consignment systems implemented to allow for ideal manufacturing conditions. ZEUS Battery Products consistently maintains an on-time delivery rate of more than 99%.