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In its simplest form, a BMS is a Protection Control Module (PCM). A PCM is normally embedded in the battery or battery pack and provides functionality similar to that of a BMS, but without the fuel gauge and communication bus. The PCM prevents cells from over-charging and over-discharging.

Battery protection circuits have two electronic switches known as MOSFET’s or semiconductors used to switch electronic signals on or off in a circuit.

Battery fuel (gas) gauge ICs measure battery current, voltage and temperature to find state-of-charge. These gauges can control a charger to ensure efficient charging as capacity increases.

Overwhelming increases of portable end-user applications in wireless, computing, consumer, medical, industrial, and automotive markets make battery management solutions vital for today’s markets. This demand for greater reliability from battery-powered systems, ZEUS helps ensure the highest product safety through implementation of chargers that protect batteries in every operating condition.

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