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Protecting Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Various considerations must be given prior to designing a device requiring rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Follow cell manufacturer’s specific parameters, as they are crucial elements that ensure battery safety, performance, and longevity. “Protecting Rechargeable Lithium Batteries” As battery technology and form factors for...

The Director of Sales Herb Holmstedt

  “I’m here to further empower an already formidable sales force by improving systems, materials, and communication.” An Introduction to The Director of Sales, Herb Holmstedt As suggested by the words of the prolific Neil Young, Herb Holmstedt goes big, or goes home. He has...

Agency Sales Magazine Interviews Manufacturer Program Manager

Manufacturers demand a level of expertise when they choose to partner with independent manufacturers’ representatives. Likewise, a comparable level of expertise should be present in principals when agencies make their partnering choices. “Manufacturer Provides Agents the Support They Need,” published in...

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